How to Wash Newborn Hair Safely and Gently

How to Wash Newborn Hair – Gentle Care for Your Little One

Bathing a newborn comes with its own set of challenges, and washing their delicate hair requires gentle hands and a delicate touch. With the right approach, you can turn what might be a daunting task into a bonding and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby. Follow our guide to learn how to wash newborn hair, keeping it simple and safe.

Preparation is Key

Before you start, ensure you have all items on hand to avoid leaving your baby unattended. Here’s a checklist to help you prepare:

  • Baby bathtub or a clean sink
  • Warm water (test for comfort by dipping your elbow in it)
  • Gentle baby shampoo
  • Soft washcloth
  • Clean towel or hooded baby towel
  • Clean diaper and baby clothes

Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Newborn Hair

Now that you have all your supplies ready, follow these steps for a smooth hair-washing process:

Step Instructions
1. Get comfortable Place your baby in the bathtub or sink while supporting their head and neck with your arm.
2. Wet the hair Cup water with your free hand or use a soft washcloth to gently wet your baby’s hair.
3. Apply shampoo Put a small amount of mild baby shampoo on your baby’s head. Use your fingertips to gently massage it in, creating a lather.
4. Rinse thoroughly Carefully rinse the shampoo with water or a clean washcloth, making sure that no soap gets into your baby’s eyes or ears.
5. Dry gently Wrap your baby in a towel and gently pat their head to dry. Avoid rubbing as it can damage their delicate scalp.
How to Wash Newborn Hair Safely and Gently


Additional Tips for a Tear-Free Experience

  • Always keep one hand on your baby for safety.
  • Sing or talk to your baby to keep them calm and engaged.
  • Avoid using regular shampoo, as it can be harsh on the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Washing hair too frequently can dry out a newborn’s skin, so stick to 2-3 times a week unless advised otherwise by a pediatrician.
  • If your baby has cradle cap, consult your healthcare provider before trying any new treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Wash Newborn Hair Safely And Gently

Can Newborns Have Their Hair Washed?

Newborns can indeed have their hair washed but it should be done gently and not too frequently to avoid drying out their delicate scalp.

What Is The Best Way To Wash Newborn Hair?

Hold your baby securely and use a damp, soft cloth or sponge with mild baby shampoo. Gently massage the scalp and rinse carefully with a cup of water.

How Often Should I Wash My Newborn’s Hair?

Wash a newborn’s hair one to two times a week, as infrequent washing helps to maintain the natural oils that protect their sensitive scalp.

What Temperature Should The Water Be?

The water should be warm but not hot, ideally around body temperature, which is comfortable and safe for your newborn’s skin.


Washing your newborn’s hair doesn’t have to be stressful. By preparing in advance and following these gentle, careful steps, you’re sure to keep your baby comfy and secure. Enjoy this precious time with your little one, and remember, practice makes perfect!

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